Shoreditch past, present and yet to come

It was a particularly grey London day when I took this picture of one of Hackney artist Stik‘s murals.   Representing the past, present and future of Shoreditch, the figures really stand out in, peering down at the traffic on Old Street. The Guardian made a mini-documentary about the creation of the mural, with Stik himself explaining his thoughts behind the creation and interviews with Shoreditch residents about … Continue reading Shoreditch past, present and yet to come

Gnome for Christmas

Gonks, also known as tomte, nisse or tomtenisse, are mythological creatures known throughout Scandinavia culture and usually associated with winter time. These small Gnome like creatures, with long white beards are often associated with nature and farming. I found this scaled up version inspecting some Christmas trees in the shadow of the London Eye. Researching this reminded me of a show I used to LOVE when I was a … Continue reading Gnome for Christmas

Ghost train (sign)

Ghost signs have fascinated me for a while. Once a common advertising feature used up and down the UK, brands would literally paint their names and messages onto the bricks of a house to raise awareness of their products. Now fading from the elements or simply lost through redevelopment and destruction of the older buildings they once adorned, it’s less common to spot examples like the … Continue reading Ghost train (sign)

Wandering Ways

Welcome to Around This Corner Like the reindeer in the above picture contemplating life in Richmond Park, I also like to wander. I’m a firm believer that a good walk is the best way to really get to know a place. This holds especially true when it comes to navigating around cities. In my experience, getting lost in a new city is the quickest way … Continue reading Wandering Ways